New Project Pep Squad Premieres Video for Protest Anthem 'Rebel'

Pep Squad
Brynne Zaniboni

Pep Squad

After a long hot summer of protest and battles against inequality, a new era of civil unrest has inspired people from all walks of life to come out of the shadows and stand united. Out of the uncertainty, singer Kat Leon and her new project Pep Squad have dropped their first single "Rebel," an unapologetically "loud AF anthem for a world of chaos, where everything is uncertain and many feel a lack of control," Leon tells Billboard.

The hard-hitting punch of shouty brat pop vocals, hip hop rhythms and crunchy guitars has been featured in Netflix’s trailer for “Teenage Bounty Hunters,” and received playlist support from Spotify, radio help from KROQ and KCSN and has been featured on both UFC and MTV. Leon is the lead vocalist and co-creator of the critically acclaimed LA-based band Holy Wars and started Pep Squad with producer and drummer Dan Whittemore and songwriter Curtis Peoples.

"We came together to create a sound for the angst they feel in today’s modern climate," she tells Billboard, describing Pep Squad's sound aesthetic as "punk rock cheerleader" meant to "unapologetically interrupt your complacency and ignite your inner rebel."

Check out Pep Squad's first video "Rebel" below: