Here Are 10-Year-Old Rock Prodigy Nandi Bushell's 5 Best Drum Covers

Nandi Bushell Rage Against the Machine
Courtesy Photo

Nandi Bushell covers "Guerrilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine.

Nandi Bushell has been drumming up a storm online with her insane instrumental skills, which have attracted Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello and Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, both of whom she covered.

The rock stars have since given the 10-year-old rock prodigy her flowers and then some: Morello gifted her with a brand new black Fender Soul Power Stratocaster in June and just this Saturday (Aug. 29), Grohl squared off with his own sticks after the U.K.-based wunderkind challenged him.

Rock out to Bushell's five rave- and rage-worthy covers.

The White Stripes, "Seven Nation Army"

The father-daughter duo banded together for "Seven Nation Army," as dad shredded on the electric guitar and she shredded on the drums for a rockstar high-five-worthy performance. They didn't just sound like the part but looked like it too with the sunglasses-indoors rockstar aesthetic.

Nirvana, "In Bloom"

The Ipswich, England native didn't need to be alive in 1991 when "In Bloom" rocked everyone's world to follow the lead of one of her top 5 favorite bands.

 Queens of the Stone Age, "No One Knows"

Bushell stepped into Grohl's shoes when she covered Queens of the Stone Age's "No One Knows" (the drummer played on the original release of the song). And guess who knew? QOTSA, who shared her video on Instagram with the caption, "Incredible!!!"

Rage Against the Machine, "Guerrilla Radio"

And the rock prodigy raged on for a Black Lives Matter tribute performance when she tore it up on the drums, electric guitar and bass to Rage Against the Machine's "Guerrilla Radio." And Morello flagged the cover that landed on his radar. "Well now we are on the right track," he wrote while retweeting in approval before sending her a personalized video message that praised her skills before sending her off with the guitar of her dreams.

Foo Fighters, "Everlong" 

As if performing these covers weren't blowing viewers' minds away, Bushell switched it up this month by challenging Grohl himself to a drum-off before doing the honors with the Foo Fighters' hit "Everlong." And the 51-year-old rockstar and her "friend in rock" dusted off his sticks to perform the classic, which he noted in his response clip was the first time he performed it "since the day I recorded it in 1997." He later challenged her back by jamming out to "Dead End Friends" by Them Crooked Vultures.