Sheryl Crow Still Wants a 'Woman in the White House,' Restores 8-Year-Old Song

Sheryl Crow
Eric Ogden

Sheryl Crow photographed on July 15, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. 

Sheryl Crow is making her demands for the presidency known ahead of the 2020 election by rerecording one of her 2012 B-sides, "Woman in the White House."

The Grammy award-winning singer completely transformed her light-hearted country tune into a hard rock anthem with a scorching guitar solo in the outro, re-emphasizing her suggestion-turned-demand for "a little female common sense down on Pennsylvania Avenue" and a different face after the last approximately 230 years of male Commanders-in-Chief.

"When I first recorded this song 8 years ago, I was hopeful that we, as a nation, would seize the moment and put a Woman in the White House," Crow wrote on Twitter yesterday (July 30). "That did not happen - but our movement of strength grows as we take to the streets and make our voices heard."

The "Woman in the White House" lyrics remain relatively the same except when Crow replaces her reference to legendary singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn in the bridge. Rather than singing, "Heck, I'd vote for Loretta Lynn," she jokes about putting her own name on this upcoming Nov. 3 ballot by singing, "Heck, I'd write my own name in."

"We must not stop there. It is time for us to show up to the polls, be seen and heard as the great leaders we are," she continued in her Twitter thread promoting the revised political anthem.

Listen to the 2020 version of "Woman in the White House" below.