Guns N' Roses Turn 'Sweet Child O’ Mine' Into Children's Picture Book

"She's got a smile that it seems to me/ Reminds me of childhood memories/ Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky" might be the lyrics to Guns N' Roses No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit "Sweet Child O' Mine," but it perfectly illustrates the rockers' children's picture book!

GNR created Sweet Child O' Mine in collaboration with famed author James Patterson to reconstruct these song's lyrics into a beautiful narrative about "the adventures of Maya and Natalia Rose, two young girls who have grown up touring with the band," according to a press release obtained by People today (May 6).

"My sister and I have been lucky to be able to watch our daughters -- Maya and Natalia Rose -- grow up while touring with the guys (the band)," Guns N' Roses manager Fernando Lebeis said in the release about his daughter and niece.

Patterson admits he's "a longtime GNR fan," so the unlikely collaboration between the '80s heavy metal heavyweights and the best-selling fiction writer clicked. "I'm thrilled to partner with the band in bringing their famed hit song to life on the page," he said in the release. "Sweet Child O'Mine is a story that I know kids will love reading and that parents will love singing along to."

The 73-year-old author shared a special clip on his Instagram today unveiling the book's colorful cover by illustrator Jennifer Zivoin, which features a little girl holding hands with a man whose guitar is slung across his shoulder as the two galavant through a field of sunflowers and, of course, roses. "Your favorite song reimagined. Let the music that takes you away bring you together," the 30-second video teased.

Catch the cover of Sweet Child O' Mine below, which is available for pre-order here.