Ozzy Osbourne Selling Shirt, Mask With a Four-Letter Salute to Coronavirus

Ozzy Osbourne
Sam Taylor-Johnson

Ozzy Osbourne

It's got a bat on it, of course.

Surely you didn't think Ozzy Osbourne was going to let this moment slip by without offering some cheeky, NSFW commentary on the state of the nation? In a bid to add some levity to the relentless march of bad and depressing news about the global COVID-19 pandemic, the metal icon is offering his fans a chance to buy some limited-edition gear that makes a bold statement about the moment in history.

Click over to Ozzy's merch store for a chance to buy a long-sleeve black t-shirt and matching cloth face mask with the elegant phrase "F--k Coronavirus" below an image of a bat wearing a white protective mask, in a nod to Ozzy's legendary history with flying disease vectors. The $40 shirt comes with the free mask, which, Ozzy notes is "not medical grade and are not meant to take the place of the N95 masks."

The novel coronavirus has personally impacted the dark knight of rock, who announced last month that he was canceling a planned trip to Switzerland for treatment for Parkinson's disease.

The shirt is available for 72-hours only, so get yours now!