X Ambassadors' Sam Harris Serenades His Dog During Billboard Live At-Home Concert: Watch

Sam Harris repped for the X Ambassadors on Tuesday (March 24) during a Billboard Live At-Home concert that raised money for the National Coalition for the Homeless.

He did have one special guest join him in his LA-based home: his recently adopted puppy Prince. The alternative-rock trio's frontman rubbed Prince's belly ("Stop showing off," he whispered to him) before starting with a stirring acoustic rendition of the band's hit "Renegades." In the middle of his performance, Harris quietly bent down to Prince while strumming his guitar off the decorated wall behind him and asked for a kiss. The sweet puppy-love gesture launched the 31-year-old artist into the first line of the second verse, "All hail the underdog."

His bellowing vocals kept the ball rolling with a galvanized performance of "Unsteady" that kicked in faster than any viewer's afternoon coffee. Although one fan asked when Harris would travel to Spain for a live show and the rock star lamented all artists' touring inability, he seamlessly traveled back to 2014 and 2015 around the time when the Brooklyn-based group came onto the alt-rock scene.

He capped the 30-minute session with X Ambassadors' 2018 single "JOYFUL," and it sounded the way it’s spelled in all-caps: a bountiful statement that reflects his spotlight back on the attentive fans at home in need of some joy.

Watch the entire X Ambassadors' Billboard Live At-Home concert above, and donate to National Coalition for the Homeless here.