Mike Shinoda Shares Demo of New Song, Asks Fans to Contribute Vocals

Mike Shinoda
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Mike Shinoda performs onstage at Not So Silent Night presented by at Barclays Center on Dec. 6, 2018 in New York City.

The Linkin Park singer wants another voice on "Open Door."

Mike Shinoda needs your help. The Linkin Park singer and solo star went on Instgram Live on Tuesday (March 17) to share a 30-minute video of his recording session for the new song "Open Door."

Like so many musicians who've been forced to reimagine their careers in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as they pull back from touring and album promotion and pivot to live-cast concerts and online fan events for a nation on virtual lockdown during this social distancing period, Shinoda offered his fans a unique glimpse at the songwriting process.

But he isn't just giving his followers a sneak listen to the in-process tune, he's also asking them to help finish it. "They tell you that should quit trying/ You are too small/ That you were too young/ They tell you that chance's too slim/ The world is too big," he sings on the uplifting, thumping track that encourages everyone to never give up, never give in.

It sounds great, but Shinoda then did what any enterprising, house-bound musician would: he texted an MP3 of the demo to everyone on his Community text list and asked anyone else interested in hearing it to text him (at 310.935.0302).

Then he posted a copy of the song's chorus and dangled the opportunity of a lifetime. "I have an idea," he wrote. "I want another voice on the chorus of 'Open Door.' Maybe it can be one of yours? Get the song, sing it, post a link on Twitter with the hashtag #SingOpenDoor and if I love something I'll let you know."