New Found Glory Chastise Friends Who Have 'Nothing to Say' in New Video: Premiere

New Found Glory
Acacia Evans

New Found Glory

Ever had a friend who just isn't that great of a friend? The New Found Glory guys know that kind of person all too well, and they dedicated a song to those who, as they put it, have nothing to say.

The punk rock group release their new song "Nothing to Say" today (March 16), with the lyric video premiering on Billboard. Though it's only two minutes long, the scorned track certainly sends a message to those who don't treat their pals well.

"'Nothing To Say' is a song for friend circles that struggle with a member of that circle who seems to never have anything good to say," New Found Glory's guitarist Chad Gilbert explains in a statement. "Who feels the only way to be accepted or cared for is to create a split or doubt between others so they can feel needed or heard instead of just being themselves."

He continues, "Someone who sees you regularly face to face and shakes your hand and smiles but behind closed doors tries to sabotage and negatively pull people in a self-centered direction. A sad circle where you wish the person could be upfront with everyone but because of their own journey they can’t break through, and it’s all too obvious."

The angered lyrics mirror Gilbert's sentiment: "Don't protect on me / Your insecurities / The drama's what gives you purpose," frontman Jordan Pundik sings on one of the verses. Backed by New Found Glory's signature punchy electric guitars, "Nothing to Say" is sure to be an outlet for those who can relate -- which was exactly the band's goal with the track.

"We hope this song can be a fun release for people dealing with the same types of friendships," Gilbert adds. But despite the rage in "Nothing to Say," Gilbert also shares some advice from NFG: "We definitely don’t think you should drop people in these sort of situations but take a healthy boundary so you aren’t being pulled into it. Try to help that person grow above it."

The song's lyric video features shots of Gilbert, Pundik and their bandmates (bassist Ian Grushka and drummer Cyrus Bolooki) from New Found Glory's 2019 tour, as well as drawings by Pundik, who does tattooing while not on the road. The group will be setting out on a 2020 trek in May in support of their forthcoming tenth album, Forever + Ever x Infinity, which is due May 29 and will feature "Nothing to Say" along with previously released single "Greatest of All Time."

Watch the "Nothing to Say" lyric video below, pre-order the album here and check out when NFG will be at a city near you here.