Gorillaz Crank Up Song Machine Project With Sizzling 'Momentary Bliss': Watch

Gorillaz Momentary Bliss ft. slowthai & Slaves
Courtesy Photo

Gorillaz featuring slowthai and Slaves, "Momentary Bliss"

The Gorillaz kicked off their new Song Machine project on Thursday (Jan. 30) with a molten hot track featuring British rapper Slowthai and British punk duo Slaves entitled "Momentary Bliss."

The tune from the Damon Albarn-led animated band dropped in the form of a video featuring some of Jamie Hewlett's inconic Gorillaz animation laid over footage of the Blur singer in the studio with his collaborators, and the sketched Gorillaz members lounging around.

The song bubbles up with a chill groove as Slaves' Isaac Holman softly sings, "We could do so much better than this/ Emotionally in fences and momentary bliss," before Slowthai bursts in with his urgent verses. "There's a hole in your pocket, so you cannot find the change/ Cavern of your mind, you say your pattern," he rhymes, revving it up another notch on the chorus, "It makes me sick to think you ain't happy in your skin/ It's weird, a thing to think light bulb don't blink." 

According to a press release annoucing Song Machine, 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel will spit out "brand new episodes fresh from the studio, as and when they happen... Season 1 of Song Machine will see Gorillaz joined by an exciting and ever-evolving roster of as yet unannounced collaborators captured live in Kong Studios alongside the world’s most successful virtual band. The cameras are rolling 24/7, the fourth wall is broken, the kettle is on, the chaos is real, the door is open… What’s coming next? Stay tuned."

Episodes of Song Machine will reportedly take place "spontaneously" throught the year, with each one accompained by another installment of the audio-only Machine Bitez bits, described as "bitesized conversations between cartoon band members and real life collaborators."

Watch "Momentary Bliss" below.