Jason Momoa Needed a Battle Cry for Apple TV+'s 'See'... So He Called Up Death Metal Singer Oli Peters

Jason Mamoa Archspire
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Jason Mamoa with Archspire's Oli Peters and Spencer Prewett on the set of See.

"I thought that was pretty sweet," the Archspire vocalist says of the actor's request.

Oli Peters was happy to learn from a mutual friend that actor Jason Momoa was a fan of his death metal band Archspire. But the Canadian singer never expected that a resulting friendship with the Aquaman star would lead to any sort of collaboration.

Momoa tapped Peters to create a ferocious, staccato warrior chant for Momoa’s new Apple TV+ series See, a science-fiction series about a futuristic human race who has lost their collective sense of sight and is developing other ways to communicate. The battle call was heard in the inaugural episode, with Peters and drummer Spencer Prewett making cameos by appearing in a corps of warriors.

“It has been a pretty interesting experience,” Peters tells Billboard. “We’re from a subgenre of a subgenre of a subgenre of music; to hit any sort of mainstream media form is pretty cool and definitely not expected for us. We know we’re sort of a niche, so it was cool to be put into that world, even for a minute.” He adds of appearing in See, “It was really cool to get all geared up for a battle scene like that.”

Peters met Momoa through one of See’s makeup artists while Momoa was filming in Vancouver, which is Archspire’s hometown. “He said Jason was a big fan of Archspire and wanted to give me a call,” Peters recalls. “[Momoa] is a pretty big metalhead and wanted to sprinkle some metal into [See]. He asked me if I could come to the suite he was staying in and hang out. Sure, right?”

When Peters dropped by, Momoa showed him the script for See and told him that he wanted to use the rapid percussive Archspire “chopper” vocal technique (which was inspired by rapper Tech N9ne) for a particular battle cry.

“I thought that was pretty sweet,” says Peters. “We happened to be playing that night at the Rickshaw Theatre, so I invited him, and he came and met the band and hung out; we all had some beers. Then we went back on tour and we talked back and forth through text to work out the ideas we had until we came up with something that he liked." (Momoa posted a clip of himself and Peters on Instagram where Peters gives a demonstration.)

Peters also accompanied Momoa to this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, where See was introduced. The two have stayed in loose touch since filming the first episode, bonding not only over metal but also other music, such as Canadian country singer-songwriter Colter Wall. “We both like a lot of the same music, so whenever there’s a show we can both be at and hook up, we do,” says Peters. “We both stay pretty busy and on the move, so it’s hard to see too much of each other.”

Peters and Archspire are, in fact, on the road in December for their first headlining tour in Europe, with more road work planned for 2020. But the quintet is also writing its fourth album, the follow-up to 2017’s Juno Award-nominated Relentless Mutation, which Peters predicts should be out by early 2021.

“We’ve kind of all agreed that if we’re not going to put out a better album, we’re going to wait until it is a better album,” says Peters. “We don’t want to fall into that, ‘OK, it’s been a year. We’re going to put something out again.’ Our fans want new material, but they’re willing to wait for it if they know it’s going to be a better-quality project. So we’re going to take our time and make sure our music is something everybody enjoys, and in the meantime, we can still tour and people can come out to satisfy their needs.”


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