The Wrecks Offer Hilariously Twisted Relationship Advice With 'F--k Somebody': Premiere

The Wrecks
Darren Craig

The Wrecks

Breakups are never easy, but The Wrecks have an idea for an easy way out of a relationship -- well, a theoretically easy one, anyway.

In their new song "F--k Somebody" (with a "v" not a "u," but you get the idea), premiering on Billboard below, the alt-rock group's frontman Nick Anderson pleads for his girlfriend to do something that most people in relationships dread: cheat. That may sound strange, but it's apparent from the first verses that his feelings are no more. "What do you want? My god/ I just want to love someone who's not you," he sings over a plucky melody.

Harsh? Maybe, but let Anderson give you a little insight into his thought process on this one: "Most relationships end," Anderson says bluntly. "I like to consider myself a romantic, but I am all too familiar with the dreadful plateau of a lifeless partnership. Waking up each day stuck in a tired, played-out relationship is like forcing yourself to eat stale potato chips for breakfast because you don’t want to hurt Lays’ feelings. It would make sense to express these feelings of doubt and insipidity to a significant other in a mature manner, with heartfelt goodbyes and 'it’s not you, it’s me's, but that usually results in questions, accusations, broken French presses, and tears.

"So what I’ve learned to do is to wait passive-aggressively until your partner commits a crime, or f--ks somebody else so you can end the relationship without being the bad person," he continues. "This may take years -- maybe even a lifetime, but at least you’ll have avoided marginal confrontation."

Though it's a bit of a twisted approach, "F--k Somebody" is likely relatable for anyone who's felt stuck in a relationship. And combining the song's narrative with a wailing electric guitar and belt-along chorus makes it all the more enjoyable.

Whether you're going through a similar situation or are simply looking to rock out, take a listen to "F--k Somebody" below.