Duncan Laurence Fights With a Different Kind Of Power in 'Love Don't Hate It' Visual: Exclusive

Duncan Laurence
Paul Bellaart

Duncan Laurence

Dutch singer-songwriter Duncan Laurence stands up for the right to feel on his latest single “Love Don’t Hate It,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Nov. 7).

No stranger to intense competition, the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest winner mediates the battle between love and hate to a peaceful truce. As the growling guitar and low, thudding piano in the verses are stacked up against Laurence’s impactful falsetto, the song embodies the confrontation of polar forces with the singer elevating the brightest moments to a decisive victory. 

"There are no boundaries, no limits when it comes to love,” Laurence tells Billboard. “It’s the purest thing we have in this world and yet so many people, including myself, have to fight for it every single day because of their looks, their beliefs, their gender, their sexuality. Because of what others judge them for.” 

The visual, directed by Ed Sayers, features shots of an emotive Laurence amid red lights and sizzling visual effects lurking at the edges of the frame. With so much on the line, he looks every bit prepared to lead the way and fight to the end. 

He explains the song’s thematic conflict, sharing that "‘Love Don’t Hate It’ is a song about fighting for who you are and who you choose to love because in the end it is always your choice to make. It’s my answer against the hate in the world, that will always keep trying to break down what we crave most: love." 

Check out the visual for “Love Don’t Hate It” below.