Trends Shares Gauzy 'Branches' Video: Premiere

Eden Shohat


Los Angeles' Trends new video for "Branches," premiering below from the alt-rock troupe's upcoming debut album Palettes, blends a variety of sepia-toned images, including a random deer, with lyrics and staticky footage of the quartet performing the gauzy, anthemic tune live.

"We had a storyline we were trying to do with our animator that was pretty complex, but due to budget we had to minimize that," Marina Paiz, who founded Trends as a solo project around 2011 while a student at the Los Angeles College of Music, tells Billboard. "So stylistically it took on a very minimalist approach. We really like the muted colors in the sense it conveyed this darkness which I was definitely experiencing during the process of writing the lyrics to that song." Paiz adds that melancholy came from "a lot of loneliness and sadness" brought on by various relationships in her life.

"The song is a little metaphorical, about growing up and coming to terms with the fact that not all relationships will exist in the form they always have," she explains. "I think it was written during a time I was trying to figure out who I wanted to become, shifting the people who I surrounded myself with. Some of those relationships weren't serving what I wanted to be. So a lot of the loneliness during that time came from distancing me from certain people -- and people distancing themselves for me."

Alongside that heavy emotional content, however, Paiz hopes the video gives viewers a sense of what Trends is as a band. "We don't have anything online currently where people can see us playing," she notes. "This is the first time we can show who we are."

Palettes is due out during 2020. Paiz says about 40 percent of the album's songs are reworked versions of material Paiz wrote and released when Trends was still her solo domain, while the rest are brand new. "Once we felt comfortable with each other and established sort of a trust we started writing new material so everyone could feel they're a part of the project -- which they completely are," Paiz says.

Trends will celebrate "Branches'" release with an Oct. 6 concert at The Lexington in Los Angeles and has a couple more shows planned for November on its home turf. "Right now we're trying to play two or three shows a month," Paiz says, and the band is trying to self-book a West Coast tour for early 2020 to coincide with Palettes’ release. Trends is also working on more new material, and Paiz promises that "once our record comes out we're getting ready to push more music out there. We're working on a single I feel is taking a different direction from (Palettes). I definitely want to explore a little more and just try lots of different kinds of music."