Faux Ferocious Share Patrick Carney-Produced 'No Pressure': Premiere

Faux Ferocious
Joseph Coakley

Faux Ferocious

Newly signed to Danger Mouse's 30th Century Records, Faux Ferocious "just needed a song" -- which is how the Nashville rock quartet came up with its new single featuring "Good Times" and "No Pressure," the latter of which is premiering exclusively below.

"I was just sitting at my house with Jonathan (Phillips), the other guitar player, fuckin' around," singer-guitarist Terry Kane tells Billboard. "It became our little song about trying to chill out and not take things too seriously." "No Pressure" is the more overtly aggressive of Faux Ferocious' two new tracks, too, with hints of Devo and sinewy Krautrock informing its propulsive meter.

"Like everything we do, it's kind of an amalgamation of a lot of different stuff," Kane explains. "On everything we write we try to make it difficult to pin us down. But, yeah, we're definitely Devo fans for sure, and huge Neil Young fans and Meat Puppets and stuff like that. We've always been hugely broad-based listeners, and still are to this day. We like bands that don't necessarily fit into one category of music, and that's what we want ours to be, too."

The Black Keys' Patrick Carney produced both of the new tracks, which were recorded at his studio in Nashville. Carney met Faux Ferocious through a mutual friend in Nashville after it signed with 30th Century, and Kane says working with him "was a really fun experience. He's a super cool guy, super easy to work with. He's got his method of doing things; We walked into his world and let him take the reins in terms of how everything was going to get set up and how we were gonna accomplish it. It didn't take very long at all. It was certainly the most professional thing we've done, which was a good exercise for us."

The group, which released an album with Burger Records earlier this year, is waiting for its next move with 30th Century to follow up the single. "We'd love to do another full-length with them," Kane says. "They've been really great to work with so far, so I've got high hopes but I try not to put any expectations on things. Our whole goal is to find ways to keep making records, so we just try to do our thing and hopefully it resonates with some people --- and it seems to have resonated with (Danger Mouse) so far, so I hope it keeps going like that."