Yonaka Covers 'You Need to Calm Down' for Spotify Singles, Taylor Swift Gives Her Stamp Of Approval

Alessandro Bosio/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty


Update: Taylor Swift later took to her Instagram Story to thank the band for their cover, writing, "Absolutely love this!!"

Yonaka has delivered a series of special renditions of their song "Rockstar" and Taylor Swift's hit single "You Need To Calm Down" for a Spotify Singles session, uploaded Wednesday (Aug. 14). 

The band offers a stripped version of their song "Rockstar," off their debut album Don't Wait Til Tomorrow, putting lead singer Theresa Jarvis' energetic and powerful voice at the center of the track for an explosive rendition. 

The band also delivered a cover of Swift's 2019 smash "You Need To Calm Down," offering a guitar-ladden version of the song heightened by Jarvis' expressive and emotional vocals. 

Listen to Yonaka's Spotify Singles and check out Swift's stamp of approval below.