OIdest U2 Live Bootleg Recording Uncovered By Fan Site

Olaf Heine

The August 11, 1979 show took place at Dublin's Dandelion Market.

The Intrepid U2 fan site ATU2 Tours has discovered what is believed to be the earliest known bootleg recording of a show by the Irish rock legends, a gig from Aug. 11, 1979 at Dublin's long-defunct Dandelion Market club. The gig, which took place six weeks before the band released their first EP, Three, featured songs fans know, such as "Out of Control," as well as a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog," and two tracks that are not know to have been ever recorded or released, "Concentration Cramp" and "In Your Hand."   

According to Irish news site RTÉ, the afternoon gig recording pre-dates an RTÉ broadcast of the band's show at the Cork Opera House on October 22 of that year, as well as a fan bootleg of the group's show at Tullamore on March 2, 1980, previously thought to be the earliest known available bootlegs. The Dandelion show was recorded by former independent music publisher and label owner Peter McCluskey, during the band's 10-show run at the Market from May to Christmas 1979; McCluskey's band, The Strougers, also performed on the bill that day.

Speaking to ATU2, McCluskey said that U2 singer Bono was "very nervous" before the 3 p.m. show, at which a number of A&R representatives were expected to check the rising band out. "I had acquired a tape machine and took it that night to record the gig, but unfortunately in my excitement managed to press 'play' instead of 'record,'" said McCluskey, who had previously released the version of "Out of Control" on YouTube in 2011. "And thus nothing was recorded." He got another chance the next day, during which he managed to capture the 15-song set.

Check out some snippets below.