Grand Canyon Takes to the London Streets In Video for Catchy 'Yesterday's News': Premiere

Grand Canyon
Amanda Rowan

Grand Canyon

A day off in London last month turned out to be a creative opportunity for Grand Canyon -- yielding the energetic video for its new track,"Yesterday's News," premiering exclusively below.

The California troupe's Casey Shea tells Billboard that the sextet -- which he formed with singer-songwriter Amy Wilcox -- was about to play a London show, as he and guitarist Joe Guese were hanging out at a friend's apartment. Knowing they needed a video for the song — the title track to their Aug. 2 EP — they wondered "is there anything we can do while we're here in London that could constitute a music video?" They decided to take a walk, with Guese manning his iPhone as Shea strutted his stuff out on the streets.

"I had my phone in my back pocket, blasting the song, and just sort of cruised down the streets of Brixton," Shea recalls. "I probably looked like an idiot singing the song at full blast. We finished on Electric Avenue and I went over to Joe and said, 'How'd it turn out?' We watched it back, and it was perfect. The whole thing probably took 30 minutes, from the beginning of the idea to exporting the finished video from my phone.

There's just a good vibe about the video. It has attitude. I love seeing the double decker buses everywhere. It seems like it was just meant to be."

The Yesterday's News EP follows Grand Canyon's 2018 debut album Le Grand Canyon, its songs again mining an amalgam of rock and Americana influences -- including an acoustic remake of Guns N' Roses' "November Rain" and an expansive epic of its own called "21st Century American Man" in addition to the Reagan-era inspired title track. "Some of them were written in the period when we were recording the first album and we just never got around to finishing them," Shea says. A chance meeting with producer Jamie Candiloro at a party led to an invitation to be "guinea pigs" and record at his new home studio. "We went by and did the song 'High Times' first and it came out really good, and we really worked well, all together," Shea says. "So we said, 'Alright, let's keep going' and we had an idea to make an EP and get something out pretty quickly."

The members of Grand Canyon have returned, for the moment, to their other projects, both as artists in their own rights and as side musicians. But Shea expects the group to convene again later this year to record more new music, with some sort of 2020 release in its crosshairs. "Everybody's busy, but we've been taking ourselves very seriously from a recording and songwriting standpoint," Shea says. "I don't know what's next in terms of timing; In a perfect world I'd love to have something out by spring of next year and be another full release, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens in summer. I do want people to realize this (EP) is not just another release we're throwing out there; If the stars were to align, maybe we could stick around for awhile. That would be nice."