Hear Foster the People's Trippy New Single 'Imagination'

Foster the People
Neil Krug

Foster the People

Much like the song's cover art, listening to "Imagination" is what it feels like to lounge on an island. Produced in part by Foster the People frontman Mark Foster, the track's psychedelically tinged notes of guitar and keyboard are akin to Tame Impala, making "Imagination" the perfect summer jam. 

“I think the quality that makes us distinctly human is our ability to live in duality," Foster says of the song. "We comprehend the present external world we’re in, while having an internal dialogue about what it all means."

Foster the People's "Imagination" is a follow-up to their singles "Style" and "Worst Nites." Foster will direct the soon-to-be-released music video for "Imagination." 

The band's hit song "Sit Next to Me," from their third album, Sacred Hearts Club, was listed as one of Billboard's Best Songs of 2018.

Hear "Imagination" below.