Tool Appear To Announce Release Date For Anticipated Fifth Album

Tim Cadiente

After months of teases, years of delay and what felt like 10,000 Days, Tool appear to have revealed the release date for their highly anticipated fifth studio album.

In a tweet heard 'round the world, the Maynard James Keenan-led prog rock group posted a brief video clip on Tuesday night (May 7) with an undulating graphic with the date Aug. 30, setting off a breathless response from long-suffering fans.

The as-yet-untitled album is the follow-up to 10,000 Days, which was released on May 2, 2006. During their tour-kick off at the Welcome to Rockville Festival on Sunday night the band debuted a pair of new tunes that could end up on the album, "Descending" and "Invincible."

According to fan screengrabs, the band posted the same Aug. 30 date during that gig, with Keenan encouraging fans to snap pics and share on social.

A spokesperson for the group could not be reached for comment at press time.

Check out some of the fan responses below.