Amo Amo Explores 'Cosmic Feel-Good Dance Music' on 'Antidote': Premiere

Amo Amo
Robbie Jeffers

Amo Amo

For singer Love Femme, the band Amo Amo -- whose new single "Antidote" is premiering exclusively below -- was a case of wanting to meet her heroes. And not being disappointed.

Femme, a session musician herself, was a fan of her four bandmates' previous group, the Mother Tongues. "I used to just go watch them and dance for hours," she tells Billboard. There was talk about her singing on some of their recordings, but that never transpired until the Mother Tongues was in the studio with My Morning Jacket's Jim James during 2017 and Femme "just showed up" after taking part in a video shoot. "I came in with my backpack and just started singing with them and ended up staying there for five hours," Femme says. "Omar (Velasco) wanted me to join. Jim thought it would be cool. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do; They thought I would show up and maybe play the triangle or sing some backgrounds or play some guitar, but I ended up being pretty central to the writing process of this album."

"Antidote," which Femme says is "about connecting your body to your mind through movement," was a case in point. Velasco showed Femme his lyrics, which inspired the song’s chill, fluid groove and melody. "He's a really active person," Femme says. "I think we all are. We all go on a lot of nature hikes and love to swim in rivers and go out to the ocean. (Velasco) found that in our modern age we sit inside a lot, and when the body is dormant he feels like his brain starts to atrophy and his antidote to that is to wake his body up. So he dances or gets moving to bring him back down to inside his body instead of in the celestial realm or wherever your mind can wander when you're sitting inside for too long."

That theme also brought Femme back to the reason she liked the band in the first place. "I would come to their show to dance, because they played these amazing psychedelic, genre-bender songs for hours and hours and I'd just dance until I couldn't stand, basically," Femme says. "I really tapped into that for this song."

The Amo Amo album, out April 26 and produced by James, features eight songs, and Femme says the group recorded three others that "we're probably going to be releasing a little down the line." The group will be touring with My Morning Jacket as well as playing its own dates, but Femme says the quintet is particularly excited to get back in the studio and add to its repertoire.

"Because I was so new to the band -- we didn't even have the (band) name yet -- this album was really an experiment in a lot of ways," she says. "We just decided to choose the songs that resonated the most with us. Now that we've had more time together we just really want to explore more cosmic, fun, feel-good dance music, hopefully soon."