KOLARS Look for an Awakening on 'Touch the Lightning': Premiere

Cortney Armitage

Rob Kolar found a different kind of inspiration for "Touch the Lightning," the new KOLARS track coming out March 29 and premiering exclusively below.

"A lot of our songs are quite personal," Kolar tells Billboard. But "Touch the Lightning" -- releasing on a limited-edition vinyl single with "Turn It Up" through Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready's HockeyTalkter Records -- is drawn from Supernatural, a book by British author Graham Hancock, who specializes in pseudoscientific theories. "I'm definitely inspired by those kind of alternative authors and thinkers," Kolar notes, explaining that "Touch the Lightning" "is like a metaphor for tapping into a stream of consciousness or a frequency of realization...this idea you're a conscious, awakening sort of thing.

"In the book (Hancock) deals with different eras of the evolution of humanity and times we had these awakenings, whether spiritual or conscious. He has a lot of different theories, so that's where we got the song from." And rest assured "Touch The Lightning" also has a beat -- provided by Kolar's wife, drummer (and tap dancer) Lauren Brown -- that you can dance to. KOLARS is also spreading around a live video of the song, from a studio performance last year in Austin, after plans for an animated clip fell through.

The "Turn It Up"/"Touch the Lightning" single is one of several KOLARS plans to release this year, leading up to the California duo's sophomore album, most likely in early 2020. "I think that's a cool way to do things," Kolar says. "We tend to write songs that are not necessarily part of a collection; We like to keep the album feeling like a collection but we want each song to get attention and love, and this way people seem to get excited when we put out a new song -- maybe more than they would if there were a bunch of new songs. It's a much more versatile way of releasing music."

KOLARS will also be touring throughout the year, with plans to play in England during the summer. "We're just continuing to create and connect and build the fan base," Kolar says. "It keeps us busy, that's for sure."