Mötley Crüe Storm Back With Fist-Pumping 'Ride With the Devil,' 'Crash and Burn': Listen

Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images for "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"
Motley Crue 

The hard-rocking new songs were recorded for the soundtrack to the Netflix biopic "The Dirt."

If you've missed Mötley Crüe since the glam rockers called it quits after their final tour dates in 2015, today (March 22) is your day. In addition to the release of their Netflix biopic, The Dirt, the legendary Los Angeles lipstick and big hair rockers have dropped two new Bob Rock-produced songs that appear on the soundtrack to the film based on the group’s 2001 autobiography, The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band.     

And, you'll be pleased to find out, they are exactly as grimy, debauched and fist-shaking as you'd want them to be. "Ride With the Devil" is propelled by drummer Tommy Lee's sledgehammer beats and jazzy cymbals, with singer Vince Neil sneering, "C'mon baby ride with me/ I'll show you things you can't unsee," before he slides into the sing-songy kicker, "I wanna tell ya, tell ya now, We're just too fast for love." The pummeling, slickly produced song is one of several on the album with a lyrical reference to the movie's title.

With minimal lyrics and maximum attitude, divebomb guitars and reference to diamonds, grime and dirt, the track is the perfect appetizer for the hedonism chronicled in the movie. The other new song that dropped on Friday is more of a bridge to the group's modern-edged, late-period sound. "Crash and Burn" has the familiar crunching Crüe bottom end and alternately squealing and rumbling guitars, mixing in a bit of an electronic/industrial beat reminiscent of White Zombie on the devilish chorus, which features yet another reference to "The Dirt."

The lyrics serve as as kind of cautionary tale of the travails of flying to close to the Los Angeles sun. "Looking back, had it all to gain/ With the power shooting through our veins/ Wanna fight on a Friday night/ Didn't care about the pain/ Blackout every single time," Neil sings in the tempting fate verses before dipping into the "seriously, how did I survive this?" chorus. "I'm so alive, I don't know why/ I had to crash and burn/ I fell from the sky/ I thought I had died the moment I hit dirt."

The 18-track Dirt soundtrack features a mix of Crüe classics, a cover of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and title track "The Dirt (Est. 1981)," featuring Machine Gun Kelly, who plays Lee in the film.

Listen to both songs below.