K.Flay Breaks Out of Prison in New Music Video for 'Bad Vibes': Watch

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K.Flay, "Bad Vibes"

Set in an “involuntary lockdown” prison with pale-pink-jumpsuit-clad inmates, K.Flay released a music video for her piercing rock-pop track “Bad Vibes” on Tuesday (March 19).

The video depicts an all-women group of inmates who escaped what appears to be a detention center, while the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter huskily sings the cautionary lyrics.

“You think it's hot to be sad, but it's not/ You're an ex-prom queen slipping stones in your Docs/ In a circle of people with fun that's illegal/ You act like a cop, you're the sequel that sucks/ Doors always have their locks/ Like, why even try when we're already fucked?/ Got your hands on a laptop, face in the mud, just stop,” she sings on the pre-chorus.

In a press release, K.Flay explained what her intention for the Lorraine Nicholson-directed music video was. “We wanted to capture what it means to be trapped inside your own negative psyche -- and how it might feel to break free,” she stated. “Lorraine (our director) had the amazing idea to make basketball and choreographed basketball imagery a central part of the video, and for me that visual just made total sense.”

She added that she reached out to Kathryn Gallagher, from the Netflix original series You, personally to ask if she’d like to appear on the video. “I DM'ed Kathryn on Instagram to see if she might be free to shoot the video with us and she was! She is the absolute best,” K.Flay said.

Born Kristine Meredith Flaherty, the musician also added that the song is meant to uplift others so they can be happy in a time where it might feel like we can’t. “With everything going on in the world right now, I wanted to make some positive music,” she stated. “The goal isn’t to be happy every minute; it’s just to move away from negative energy. Sonically, it’s the perfect introduction to the record. Fuck being sad all the time!”

Watch K.Flay’s music video for “Bad Vibes” below.