Lucy Rose Confronts Sexism in Minimalistic 'Treat Me Like A Woman' Video: Exclusive

Lucy Rose
Will Morris

Lucy Rose

"These are matters that are important to me, that affect women every single day and it was time for me to stand up and say something..." the British singer tells Billboard.

Lucy Rose premiered her new video for “Treat Me Like A Woman” on Thursday (March 14) exclusively on Billboard. In the intimate black-and-white clip, the British singer-songwriter confronts issues of gender and judgement head-on as her wind-blown hair shields her face from the camera’s gaze throughout the song.

“And you treat me like a fool/ Or do you treat me like a woman?/ Make me feel so small/ Is that what I’m good for?” Rose sings over a slowly cresting wave of acoustic guitar, backing vocals, minimal percussion and tense strings.

“Treat Me Like A Woman’ was written one afternoon in Munich after a combination of events which pushed me to think about the way people interact with me purely based on my gender,” Rose tells Billboard. “Especially being older, I’ve often thought things like, ‘Would that have happened to me if I was a man?’ ‘Would they have spoken to me like that if I was a man?’ ‘Would they have ignored me if I was a man?’ and an overriding feeling of lack of respect at times purely because I’m a woman.”

“For a long time I’ve been unable to express these thoughts, almost scared of what they mean and worried that I would start a battle I wouldn’t be able to finish,” she continues. “I don’t want a debate; this isn’t a song aimed at men. It’s a conversation that everyone needs to have with themselves. Have I ever judged a woman differently to a man? The truth, most probably at some point in my life I have. And why? Because of society’s overriding consciousness that hibernates inside us all until we recognise it and understand it’s wrong.”

The track is the third preview of Rose’s upcoming album, No Words Left, due out March 22 via Arts & Crafts, and follows singles “Conversation” and “Solo(w).”

Get a first look at the video for “Treat Me Like A Woman” below.