Get to Know 'Are You Bored Yet?' Band Wallows: Watch

In this week’s episode of “You Should Know,” Billboard sat down with Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston of Wallows to find out how they settled on their band name, which actors would play them in a movie, who their biggest musical inspirations are, and what fans can expect from their forthcoming debut album.

Asked how they came up with the band name Wallows, Preston tells Billboard that Lemasters loves the video game Tony Hawk's Underground and that in the game, there is a level called Wallows (which is also the name of a real skate spot in Hawaii). As for a few alternate band names that they could have gone with, Hidden Couch and The Visors were both on the list.

If a movie were to be made about Wallows, Lemasters notes that it would be called The Perks of Being a Wallowflower, since everyone thinks Minnette looks like the film's star Logan Lerman. “I've been told that I look like Ezra Miller,” Lemasters adds, while also joking that Preston looks like Lerman's co-star Emma Watson.

Speaking of musical influences, Lemasters reveals that he grew up listening to The Beatles and that currently, he thinks that “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line “slaps,” while he also really enjoys Frank Ocean’s music. Minnette says that he is a fan of Ocean’s, as well, explaining that Blonde will forever be one of his biggest inspirations.

The band also chats about their debut record Nothing Happens, which is due out March 22, with Preston stating it is a collection of songs about “growing up and losing your innocence,” while also “feeling nostalgic and being scared about what's coming next.”

“I think that happened just because this record, we've been thinking about it for so long, because we've been in this band for so long, so naturally, that's gonna be what it's about,” Preston continues. “So it's just a really honest take on all the feelings that come along with getting older.”

You can watch the full video above to learn more about Wallows.