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State Champs Continue a Trouble-Filled Saga For an iPod Classic in 'Criminal' Video: Premiere

Beth Saravo
State Champs

iPods are a rare commodity these days. So State Champs decided to dedicate an entire music video to one.

The pop-punk band's new video for "Criminal" follows a guy on a hunt for an iPod classic after he's duped by a Craigslist seller. What unfolds is a series of wacky -- and sometimes terrifying -- encounters across New York City, from alligators to body bags to demon sacrifices. The common denominator is the same curly-haired girl, the metaphorical and literal criminal.

"Criminal" continues a series of interconnected videos from State Champs' latest album, Living Proof. The group's bassist Ryan Scott Graham calls it a "prequel of sorts" to the group's previous video for "Dead and Gone," which features that oh-so-cursed iPod getting another dude in some serious trouble. Unlike the "Dead and Gone" video, though, State Champs go from performers to actors in "Criminal," making cameo appearances throughout.

The search for an iPod was tricky in the "Criminal" video, but State Champs are making it much easier for fans to get their hands on it. The guys are giving away the very iPod from the vid, loaded up with State Champs jams and some other band favorites. The iPod will also come with a pair of tickets to the band's upcoming tour, which kicks off March 1.

Watch the latest wild iPod chase in the "Criminal" video below, and check out the band's Twitter page for more details on how to win the infamous iPod.