The Dumes Burst Out With 'Caught In the Middle' From Debut EP: Premiere

The Dumes
Lisa Haagen

The Dumes

The Dumes' track "Caught in the Middle," premiering exclusively below, is a kiss-off, but also a hello to the new band formed by Sibling's Elodie Tomlinson.

"I was really good friends with this person," Tomlinson, a music teacher by day and a former champion snowboarder, tells Billboard. "We ended up not being friends anymore, and it's almost like a farewell to this person in a song. It wasn't romantic, just a friendship. I found out about some stuff and I was like, 'Oh, I don't think this person is really my friend' and I got my emotions about it out through the song."

"Caught in the Middle" is featured on The Dumes' debut EP, GWTC, a six-song set that's coming this spring. It is, by Tomlinson's estimation, the third song she wrote with co-producer and writing partner Nick Schlike, whom she met at an ASCAP event in Los Angeles during early 2018. "We were the only ones there with Converse on and ripped jeans; Everyone around us looked a little fancier," Tomlinson recalls. "So we just started talking and related to each other and found we liked a lot of the same music. About a month after that we had our first writing session and we didn't stop."

Tomlinson and Schlike build The Dumes' identity from the songs -- most written after-hours at The Lair in Los Angeles -- blending the shimmering anthem-ry of "Caught in the Middle" with the smooth pop of “More Than Physical" and "Over You," the sweet melodicism of "California Clouds" and the airy ebb and flow of GWTC's title track. "We pretty much did everything after midnight," recalls Tomlinson, who also worked as a waitress to help fund the project. "We had all this crazy equipment around us and just created this sound."

The Dumes expanded into a full band to record the EP, and the troupe will introduce the material live at the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood on March 30. "We're just looking to get as many shows as possible and start touring, really," Tomlinson says. "We love writing music, but we love playing out, for sure, so hopefully that'll start soon."