Izzy Thomas Vents Her Frustration on Explosive 'Trouble (Pull That Trigger)': Premiere

Izzy Thomas
James Gallant

Izzy Thomas

Izzy Thomas claims that she's "not the kind to try and start a fight" in her new single, "Trouble (Pull That Trigger)" -- premiering exclusively below. But the British singer doesn't shy away from conflict, either.

"I write very autobiographically, and the song just came from a place of frustration," Thomas tells Billboard. And as a young, female artist, Thomas knows she's not alone with those feelings. "I faced a lot of doors slammed in my face, seedy producers -- I've experienced it all. This song is basically voicing my frustrations and saying, 'Now then, if this continues there WILL be trouble, and I'm not gonna stand for it anymore.'

"It's a very feminist song, but I think any guy who has a sister or daughter or just appreciates women will be able to appreciate it. It's not just a song for women but for anyone who's been discriminated against, whether you're black, white, gay, transsexual, an alien, anyone. I really want it to give encouragement to people to stand up for themselves and fight back if they have to."

"Trouble" comes on the heels of Thomas' debut EP, Sell Your Soul, whose title track was used in the Nick Donnelly documentary God Save the Queen. The EP also put Thomas on the map and led to gigs supporting Bryan Adams, Placebo and others. She plans to release another EP later this year, but before that Thomas will put out a string of singles until she has "a very nice, substantial body of those" to compile. Thomas will also be performing in schools, where she'll talk about equality and discrimination as well as her continuing campaign for Autism awareness.

"I'm just really bored of a lot of things that are in the charts at the minute because they don't really say anything," Thomas notes. "I'm extremely proud of my last EP, but it was definitely a stepping stone and what's to come is going to be more vast. It's going to be contemporary. I've literally just recorded my next single, and I've got a handful of solidly produced song. So there's more to come -- and not long from now, either."