The Moth & The Flame 'Push the Boundaries' On New Album 'Ruthless': Exclusive

Courtesy of The Moth & The Flame
The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame are premiering their new album Ruthless exclusively on Billboard one day early (Jan. 31). The emotional LP speaks to the weight of anxiety and depression, all the while maintaining a firm resiliance.

“I love being in this band, we just have the most fun together. Writing Ruthless is what writing an album should feel like, in my opinion," frontman Brandon Robbins tells Billboard. "It was extremely cathartic and spiritual, but also strange and uncomfortable. I think comfort can be a hindrance to the writing process. It’s important to push yourself, to push the boundaries at least a little bit."

On bitingly honest tracks such as "Beautful Couch" and "The New Great Depression," TMTF are able to articulate the complexities of mental health (sample lyric: "the monster in my head is ruthless"). Lighter tracks are still tinged in darkness, as the band employs distorted synths and pulsing beats alongside melodic vocals. This is an album that does not live in either extreme, instead choosing to venture into the murky reality of the human mind.

Ruthless marks the end of the band's year-and-a-half hiatus, following Robbins' donating his kidney to help save his friend Corey Fox in December 2016. Now, TMTF intend to take listeners on a journey through mental health, touching on both low and high points throughout the LP. The band also worked with Grammy-winning producers Peter Katis and Nate Pyfer on the effort.

Stream Ruthless one day early below.