Twenty One Pilots Debut 'Cut My Lip' at Intimate SiriusXM Event: Video Premiere

Twenty One Pilots
Cindy Ord

Joshua Dun and Tyler Joseph answer fan questions at SiriusXM's Town Hall special with Twenty One Pilots on Jan. 17, 2018.

Frontman Tyler Joseph performed piano versions of "Trench" tracks & more songs from the pair's catalog.

One-hundred lucky Twenty One Pilots fans witnessed the rock duo in rare fashion on Jan. 17, when singer Tyler Joseph played a career-spanning bunch of TØP songs with only a piano. And fortunately for fans who weren't in attendance, three of those performances are premiering on Billboard below.

The special performance was part of SiriusXM’s Town Hall special with Twenty One Pilots on Alt Nation, which was followed by a Q&A with both Joseph and bandmate Josh Dun, hosted by SiriusXM's Jeff Regan. Joseph performed five songs in total, starting with "Taxi Cab" from the duo's self-titled first album, followed by "Car Radio" and "Holding On to You" from their breakout LP Vessel. He closed with two tracks from TØP's latest album Trench, "My Blood" and "Cut My Lip," marking the first time he's performed the latter.

The frontman made the experience even more intimate for fans by sharing stories behind each song, detailing how "My Blood" was inspired by a real-life family experience with a cousin who was a bit of a loudmouth.

"It got to the point where [he] was running his mouth so much that the rival high school football team showed up to his house," Joseph recalled. "So in this song, I talk about people at the end of your driveway calling out your name -- it's in reference to this story, because what happened is, [my cousin's older brother] who was always very quiet and kept to himself, no one knew that he was a black belt. And he went out to the end of the driveway and he took care of business. That story always stuck with me, defending your family and sticking up for them."

Hear more stories along with stripped-down versions of "My Blood," "Cut My Lip" and "Holding On to You" below, and listen to the entire session here.