Hippo Campus Explores Toxic Relationships in New 'Doubt' Video: Exclusive

Hippo Campus
Pooneh Ghana

Hippo Campus

Keeping with the theme of their latest LP Bambi, Hippo Campus’ unusual new video for “Doubt” -- premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Jan. 22) -- follows the story of a deer that falls for a truck.

The track’s uptempo beat and skeptical lyrics pair well with an ominous, gripping video setting: a deer is seen walking along a lonely street at night, only to be chased by an aggressive truck -- quite literally getting caught in the headlights. “I know, I know dear/ I think that it's copacetic/ Told me that, that I look pathetic, drinks it up like a kind of fetish now,” the band sings.

The Minnesota-based group explains to Billboard that the video for "Doubt" was intended to feel "simultaneously grounded in the everyday, but also sort of unhinged and insane."

“Love is universal. Unfortunately, falling in love with things that hurt you is universal, too," the band adds. "But you know what isn't? A deer giving a truck a lap dance."

Tomson Tee, the director of the video, adds that toxic masculinity also inspired the visual, which is a love story between a deer and a truck that won't stop trying to run it over. "With this video, I wanted to take the song's exploration of toxic relationships a step further,” Tee says. “I was struck by the image of a deer in headlights, falling in love with an oncoming truck, because it exudes some toxic-masculine sense of danger. Falling in love so quickly and intensely that she'd forget every instinct she’s ever had about her safety. Leaving herself completely at its mercy, unable to see past the warm glow of the present."    

Get a first look at Hippo Campus’ new video below, and check out their tour dates here.