Moving Panoramas Premiere Swirling Dream Pop Track 'ADD Heart' With Mysterious Video: Exclusive

Moving Panoramas
Mike Manewitz

Moving Panoramas

Here's one more under-the-radar indie rock album to get excited for this year: Austin's Moving Panoramas leveled up big time with their forthcoming sophomore release, In Two (due Feb. 22 on Modern Outsider Records). Already capable of selling a stylish, shimmery, harmony-laden pop song (think Warpaint or Dum Dum Girls) they've tapped into a driving, propulsive urgency on their new material, which also includes some surprises. 

Their brand new song, "ADD Heart," mixes in some steel guitar to give an unexpected alt-country flavor to what's already a very convincing single -- jarring and catchy, mysterious and lingering. The best part is it arrives via a cool, cryptic video you'll want to play back multiple times. It's all over the place, and that's kind of the point. 

"I really wanted to capture the feeling of not being able to focus," director Willi Patton tells Billboard. The "ADD Heart" video throws the band members into disarray, as they act out a frenzied gig at a cool downtown club, then get trapped in a series of increasingly Black Mirror-ish (pseudo?) realities. 

"I work in film and television so up until this point, I’ve pretty much produced and directed our videos with a DIY one- or two-person crew," vocalist-guitarist Leslie Sisson tells Billboard. "I learned the hard way how exhausting it can be to simultaneously lead a video production while also leading a record release. I decided to hand over the reigns this time [to Patton and producer Rachel Kichler] and to save some sanity while gaining a new perspective." 

New perspectives are one thing the clip has in abundance. Watch it below, premiering exclusively via Billboard. And if you're into "ADD Heart," definitely check out "Baby Blues," In Two's previous single. The album is up for pre-order here