Kramies Share Spectral Video for 'Of All the Places Been' ft. Jason Lytle

Ellie Nonemacher


The video for Kramies' "Of All the Places Been," premiering exclusively below, is filled with what seems like random images. But its inspiration and meaning are actually quite specific.

"The video came together perfectly with the song," Kramies' Mark Gerrit Windt tells Billboard. The track appears on his EP Of All the Places Been & Everything The End, which was released during October and was produced by Grandaddy's Jason Lytle, who also plays on the song. "The whole song is about releasing the past and letting go and moving forward, just like that happiness you get from releasing loss. And the video seemed to follow the whole storyline." Directed by Anya Klausner, the clip also uses spectral images to represent those thoughts and ideas that are ultimately left behind as they come to a variety of sites and crossroads.

"Yes, the ghosts are like the memories that stay with you until you let them go," Windt explains. "The ghosts represent all the memories and all the past. You love something so much and you finally release them -- at the very end the ghosts fade away, which is perfect for the song."

The video also includes a glimpse of the Irish castle where Windt wrote the songs for the EP. "('Of All the Places Been') was the first song that came out of the castle while I was sitting there, surrounded by this Old World landscape in this historic, fairytale land," he recalls. "I couldn't believe I was there. I'd been to Ireland a ton of times on tour, but this time I got to sit and live in that castle, with this amazing folklore feel."

Kramies' EP came out during October featuring collaborations with Train's Jerry Becker and Guided By Voices' Todd Tobias as well as Lytle; Tobias and Lytle also worked with Windt on the 2013 Kramies EP The Wonder Heart. "I can't believe all these people come to help me out, first of all," Windt says. "It's really cool because everyone has different recording techniques and approaches. I think the whole EP melted perfectly between the lo-fi Todd does and the middle ground Jason does and Jerry's really high production. It was really neat to have those guys chime in together."

Windt followed the Of All the Places Been EP with a three-way split single with Lytle and Little Wings, and he's planning a follow-up two-song "mini EP" with Becker before starting work in earnest on his next recording project. "I think it's going to be another EP," he says. "I like sticking with EPs. They're to the point, and sometimes albums feel so long. But you never know what may come out, so I'm open to whatever feels right."