The Dream Set List for Hootie & The Blowfish's Group Therapy Tour

Hootie & The Blowfish are getting back together for a 44-date tour, and yes, we’re ready for it -- more than a decade ready for it. 

While it’s been a long time since Hootie’s been active, they’re charging at the future full-speed ahead with a new album in addition to a multi-date tour.

While we don’t know for sure what the guys will play when they hit the road, we do know what we want them to play. The new album will surely add lots of color to the lineup -- but looking back at things, Hootie's classic repertoire remains pretty attractive on its own. Guess it’ll only get better from here, right? Here’s the set list we'd like to see:

Hold My Hand

This ’94 rock jam opened Hootie’s career, thus it should return to open their reunion tour. It is the sophomore tune on the 25-year-old Cracked Rear View album (which the tour commemorates) after all.

I Go Blind

While this song was first recorded by Canadian alt-rockers 54-40, it gained popularity under the Hootie & The Blowfish banner. Plus, this cover was made for the Friends soundtrack!

Running From an Angel

Of course we have to return to the band’s debut album early on. This one is perfectly chill enough to push things forward and keep the crowd clapping.

I Will Wait 

Who can argue with that anticipation-building guitar lick? What about the killer harmonies on the chorus? Of course the opener from Musical Chairs secures itself a spot on any dream set list.

Look Away

This deeply personal piece hints at the country sound that later spilled into frontman Darius Rucker’s solo career. It’s also super soulful and contemplative. Yes, we need to hear it alongside thousands of other fellow fans.

Tucker's Town

Off the band’s triple platinum-selling second album, Fairweather Johnson, “Tucker’s Town” made a name for itself on the Billboard Hot 100, Adult Contemporary and Mainstream Rock charts. Can’t you imagine entire arenas swaying back and forth to this one in unison?

Old Man and Me 

We’re staying on the same album and skipping ahead to something a little brighter, but no need to fret; it’s the perfect song to keep that good ol' classic, homey feeling going.

Hannah Jane

Opening tracks are essential -- and even if Cracked Rear View’s first doesn’t kick off the entire show, it ought to still be in there. It’s the type of heartland rock jam that can just as easily build momentum midway as it does lend an energetic start to its original album.

Desert Mountain Showdown

This one feels distinctly country with a fiddle and boxy harmonies pushing it along. It’s a refreshing change from the jams that lean heavier on the rock side of sound.

Get out of My Mind

This will push fans along to Hootie's most recent era pre-reunion. The ’05 song acts as a comfortable bridge between the original stuff and the yet-to-come album.

Hey Hey What Can I Do

C’mon, let’s be real: Did you really think they’d skip out on this one? Hootie’s been playing this Led Zeppelin cover since the ‘90s. It showed up on their ’00 all-cover album, Scattered, Smothered and Covered.

Sad Caper

As evident by the name, this one isn’t exactly cheery in the lyrics department, although the upbeat tune might have you thinking differently. It’s an easy transition into Rucker post-Hootie.

Come Back Song

This is the point in the show in which the band should take a step back and reminisce on some of Rucker’s leading hits. “Come Back Song” peaked on the U.S. Hot Country Songs chart. Let’s hear it again!

For the First Time

Some of the concertgoers are guaranteed to be fans of Rucker’s solo career just as much as they are Hootie’s repertoire. This slow-country soother will drag them back to present day.

Don't Think I Don't Think About It

The hearty conclusion to Rucker’s solo set is this one. Soak it in -- and then it’s time for Hootie’s final hurrah.


This is the final stretch, the “Time” to make it count. Hootie playing the fourth single from their highest-selling album ever? Solid choice.


Although not as popular as the previous Cracked Rear View singles, it’s still one of those songs everyone seems to know. It’s iconic enough to lead into the concluding jam.

Let Her Cry

If the whole arena isn’t in tears by this one, there’s something wrong. This is the proper closer. It can’t really be debated, now, can it?  Yank out those cellphones, and get ready to sway ‘em back and forth. This is the end.


Wagon Wheel (Darius solo) 

OK, let's be honest: It would be a sin to skip one of the catchiest country covers in the history of forever. While Old Crow Medicine Show first made the Bob Dylan-co-written “Wagon Wheel” a thing, Rucker transformed it through his solo career. This is the perfect venue for one final happy sing-along.

Only Wanna Be With You

Let out a giant sigh of contentment; we've reached this one, which brings us full-circle back to the album that started it all (both Hootie's career and the tour). It’s what the fans want. Who else is ready to leave it all out there on this comforting closer?


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