Spendtime Palace Premieres Zany, Finn Wolfhard-Produced 'Blackout Control' Video: Exclusive

Spendtime Palace - Blackout Control
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Spendtime Palace, "Blackout Control"

California-based five-piece band Spendtime Palace has released a sporadic, mustache-riddled music video for its new single, "Blackout Control," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Nov. 29).

The video's first couple shots open with autumn leaves falling on a smiling man, a bong shooting out (presumably) water, a kid in a wrestler mask throwing punches, a couple making out and an apple bursting on the ground. If that doesn't follow as one clean storyline, the rest of the clip likely won't do much to clear it up, with lots of police officers (also with mustaches), a VR headset and a birthday party entering the mix.

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard and former Viner Josh Ovalle team up again on the project, with the former working as producer and the latter as the director. The two co-directed Spendtime Palace's music video for "Sonora," which premiered on Billboard last July.

"Blackout Control" sees Spendtime Palace fully leaning into its surf rock vibes, a direction that the band may continue to explore on its forthcoming early 2019 project, All Inclusive Romantic Getaway. The track details frontman Dan Fowlie's struggles adjusting to a long-distance relationship, also noting in the song that "things button up and turn around when she's back in town."

"I wrote the song a couple months after my girlfriend at the time moved away for college," Fowlie tells Billboard. "We were so busy that there was a period when we didn’t talk at all. She was drowning in school work and our dysfunction became a distraction to her studying. 'Her blackout control' was what I used to describe this period because of her ability to 'blackout' our communication sort of like a power outage."

Watch the video for "Blackout Control" below.