The Innocence Mission Mesmerize in 'Tiny Desk' Performance: Watch

The Innocence Missions
Courtesy of NPR

The Innocence Mission perform during NPR's Tiny Desk concert series.

The Innocence Mission brought their hushed sounds and enchanting melodies to NPR's "Tiny Desk" concert series on Wednesday (Nov. 28). 

The Pennsylvania indie rock band featuring bassist Mike Bitts and spouses Karen and Don Peris on vocals and guitars, has been together for more than three decades, weaving their folk-inspired melodies across 10 albums. The trio stopped by NPR to perform "Green Bus" and "Light of Winter" from their tenth effort, this year's Sun on the Square, as well as "Tomorrow on the Runway" from 2003's Befriended

The trio opened with flowing guitar notes on "Green Bus," as Karen Peris's voice quietly entranced through heartwarming lyrics including, "I cannot find a thing/ Beautiful enough for you/ Again/ And what could I bring you/ Today in the meantime." The singer concluded the performance by shyly stating "thank you so much, thank you so much everyone, I'm really honored to be here."

Next was "Tomorrow on the Runway," with Peris's soft voice pairing perfectly with her fast and fluid fingers as all three members fluidly finger-picked and strummed their acoustic guitar. The mini-set ended with a more recent, upbeat track, "Light of Winter."

Watch the full performance below.