The Regrettes Release Outspoken Anti-Brett Kavanaugh Anthem 'Poor Boy': Listen

The Regrettes
Claire Marie Vogel

The Regrettes

The Regrettes tackle sexual assault and rape culture in their outspoken anti-Brett Kavanaugh anthem “Poor Boy,” released Friday (Nov. 16). 

The punk rock band was inspired to write “Poor Boy” after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s trial, during which she testified that the then-Supreme Court nominee had sexually assaulted her. The Regrettes hold nothing back in the song’s loaded lyrics, as 18-year-old frontwoman Lydia Night fearlessly references the allegations against Kavanaugh, singing, “Silence is the perfect sound/ For the man that tried to hold you down.” The song also confronts the high-profile statistic that 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime while fiercely informing the song's title "poor boy" that "us girls are comin' for you."

The twangy electric guitar chords and impassioned vocals of "Poor Boy" gives the song an unruly energy that demands to be heard. 

“‘Poor Boy’ was written at a time of being completely fed up and disgusted by all of the awful humans who think it’s okay to assault and rape others,” Night said in a release. “This one is for Kavanaugh and all the other nasty men who think that this behavior is okay in any capacity. We won’t accept it and we will continue to fight against it.”

With “Poor Boy,” The Regrettes are working to raise money for RAINN, a foundation that supports sexual assault and rape victims. The band will also embark on Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement Tour in a 15-date run beginning Nov. 27.

Watch the “Poor Boy” lyric video below.