Foster the People's 'Worst Nites' Video Is a Celebration Of What Makes Us Unique

Foster The People, "Worst Nites"
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Foster The People, "Worst Nites"

Warning: contains clowns.

Foster the People dropped a creative video for their newest single “Worst Nites” on Thursday (Nov. 15). Directed by frontman Mark Foster and The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson, the video follows the real-life clown Richie the Barber on a nearly five-minute journey from a bad night to a fun performance.

The video opens in a room stocked with clown memorabilia. Richie, donning a giant mustache, jumps out of bed and gets ready for the evening after his alarm awakens him.

He jumps on his unicycle and arrives at his workplace, ducking under his co-workers looming gazes on his way to a cubicle with the words “No clowning around” printed above it. He gets nervous and begins to sweat profusely, the skin-colored makeup on his face wearing off and revealing tattoos.

His co-workers get suspicious, and his boss tears off Richie's wig, revealing his neon-red clown hair underneath. They begin to aggressively chase him down the street as he pedals away on his unicycle and through a door.

When he stands up -- now wearing his cooky clown attire -- he finds he’s on a stage. He tries to entertain the bored crowd in front of him with pin juggling, but then the business people catch up to him.

Richie has a revelation when he realizes his co-workers copy his every move and yanks out a radio, getting them to join him in a colorful umbrella-twirling group dance.

The crowd cheers and throws roses. He walks away whistling, now in the light of day.

“We are living in a world where we’re engulfed in pressure to conform,” said Foster in a statement. “This story is a metaphor for not being afraid to embrace who you really are. There’s an immense freedom that comes with taking ownership over what makes you unique.”

“Thank you for watching,” he added. “And sorry if you hate clowns. We love them.”

Watch the band’s new video below.