Polyenso Debuts Alt-Pop Epic 'Neon Mirror,' Announces 'Year Of the Dog' EP: Exclusive

Gage Young and Andi Devon


Florida trio Polyenso pulls heady grooves from its uncanny mixing of electronics and live instrumentals. That synthesis really dug in on their 2016 sophomore album Pure In the Plastic, so we're happy to announce Polyenso is back with a compelling follow-up statement. 

This time it's an EP, titled Year Of the Dog. It's due out Jan. 18 of 2019, the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Zodiac. But while we're still in 2018, which is indeed the Year of the Dog, we present the first sampling of Polyenso's new project today (Nov. 7). 

The slow-burning experimental alt-pop of "Neon Mirror" features a buildup of keys, acoustic guitar, and background ambience, climbing towards the emotional payoff. 

"Lyrically, we confessed how unbalanced our personal relationship with the digital world really is," multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist Alex Schultz says. "The idea of technology or new love as a drug is palpable these days. Finding a balance is key, although I think few of us have.”

"I'll admit I get caught up sometimes, but Neon Mirror swears I'm right," the refrain goes.

Take a listen to Year Of the Dog's grandiose opening track, and check out the new EP's artwork, below.