Noah Kahan Pokes Fun at Musician Stereotypes in 'False Confidence' Video: Premiere

Noah Kahan
Ben Rosser

Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan satirizes the over-styling of male musicians in the modern age in a cheeky video for his new single "False Confidence," out today (Nov. 7). 

The fun visual follows Kahan as he shifts through several outfit changes, performing at an open mic night at the same bar every week. Desperately trying to fit the ideal image of a mainstream music artist, he wears outfits with fanny packs, chains, grills and more, singing to an unimpressed crowd. 

His identity crisis comes to a halt when he sings, "Why won't you take me seriously/Look at me all fucked up over someone I'll never meet." By the end of the video, Kahan returns to his own style -- which the crowd ends up enjoying the most.

"False Confidence’ is a song about believing in yourself but also not taking yourself too seriously in the process," Kahan tells Billboard in an emailed statement.

"Making this video was a blast, I've never had the opportunity to act in any way and playing these different characters was almost therapeutic," he adds. "Personifying the self-doubt that creeps into your thought process from time to time and then stepping back and having a good laugh while making it felt good.”

"False Confidence" comes after the 21-year-old released his "Come Down" single as well as his Hurt Somebody EP earlier this year. 

Check out the new video for "False Confidence" below.