Every Imagine Dragons Music Video From 2009 to Today: Watch Their Evolution

As Imagine Dragons prepare to drop their fourth studio album Origins this Friday (Nov. 9), Billboard is taking a look back at the nearly decade-long history of their music videos, kicking off with 2009’s “Uptight” and running all the way through to their most recent video, “Zero.”

Following their stop motion-heavy debut video for “Uptight,” the Dan Reynolds-fronted band released 2012’s “It’s Time,” which saw them wander through an ominous post-apocalyptic looking desert, where they discovered a small glowing orb that they buried in the ground, causing a massive explosion as Reynolds levitated into the smoke-filled sky.

That same year, the band’s “Radioactive” dropped, starring Lou Diamond Phillips as the ringleader of an underground puppet fight club. In 2013, the band shared a video for “On Top of the World,” which satirized the conspiracy theory that the moon landing was nothing more than a staged ruse, produced by Stanley Kubrick. Featuring several nods to The Shining and the band playing Beatles-esque characters, it all ended with President Nixon dancing in a kick line with the actor astronauts.

The year 2014 saw the release of “I Bet My Life” while in 2015, the band shared the stunningly trippy “Shots” video (inspired by the artwork of Tim Cantor) and “Roots,” which featured footage of a young Reynolds throughout.

In 2016, the group teamed up with Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Ty Dolla $ign, and X Ambassadors for “Sucker for Pain,” which appeared on the Suicide Squad soundtrack. The next year, Reynolds faced off against Rocky IV actor Dolph Lundgren in an epic boxing showdown for “Believer” and appeared in the futuristically bizarre, Joseph Kahn-directed visuals for “Thunder.”

The band shared a tear-jerking short film to accompany 2018’s “Next To Me,” as Reynolds starred alongside his then-wife Aja Volkman, playing a man who shoots and kills a pawn shop worker and subsequently is placed on death row.

This year, Imagine Dragons have also joined forces with Kygo for “Born To Be Yours,” hung out in a haunted house in "Natural," and goofed around in an arcade (as the band's frontman walked around with an extremely oversized head) in the zany video for “Zero” (a song which was created for the film Ralph Breaks the Internet).

You can watch all of these videos and many more above.