Chris Garneau Wants to 'Wake People Up' With Sprawling New Album 'Yours': Premiere

Chris Garneau
Ryan Pfluger 

Chris Garneau

Chris Garneau has always pursued his own strange sonic path, drawing on a diverse array of influences to create an otherworldly, haunting and distinct lane in the singer-songwriter universe.

This Friday (Nov. 9), Garneau returns from a hiatus with his fourth album, Yours, which – like so much of culture these days – is influenced by the increasingly dire circumstances the human race finds itself in these days.

"After a two-year break from recording and touring, I decided to start work on a new album with my good friend and bandmate Maxime Vavasseur in our co-producer’s Lyon studio," Garneau says. "I wrote most of the material over the summer of 2016 and we began recording in October. I was worried at first that the material was too severely dismal — with narratives ranging from mass incarceration and industrialized slave labor to ones of abandonment, potential mass extinction, and death. Then the election happened and I decided to move forward regardless of my earlier apprehension.

"I’ve always felt on the outskirts here, even within my own group of friends. I know a lot of us feel like we don’t necessarily belong in this world: the horror is too difficult to look at and usually feels too big to take on. We are going through a mass extinction and possibly human extinction in the next hundred years or less. I don’t know how you cannot write about that. And so, on a sonic level, I wanted this narrative to be covered in its true form — one that is layered, complex, frightening, visceral, truly ferocious.

"At the same time, realizing and accepting that each of us are ultimately sailing into the cosmos, I’ve taken great liberty in regards space and time on this album. ‘No Universe’ for example is a nearly 9-minute track that finds beauty in the potential for annihilation (I hope). ’No Lord’ and ‘Tower’ are very literal songs about death and becoming recycled energy, but I have tried to bring the ethereal spirit that I’ve found in this universe to these tracks."

Ahead of its release, Garneau is premiering Yours on Billboard. From the explosive, harrowing "Torpedo" to the mesmerizing "No Universe" to the curiously droll "Ambush," listen to the album below. 

Garneau is aware that Yours is the most ambitious album he's ever crafted – and he's hoping that at the very least, it can help to shake some people out of complacency.

"This is the biggest record I’ve ever made, covering the most ground sonically and narratively from my end. I guess my hope is that it wakes some people up," he says. "I’m able to enjoy my life here, though that is allowed because of great privilege. I’m less interested these days in how much money we are all gonna make for our big fancy houses and try remembering that any of us are lucky to spend our final days in freedom. When I’m not on tour I’m living in the trees and lakes and mountains because I know it’s our real home and it’s the only place I feel like I truly belong. I hope other people start to feel that too."

Pre-order Yours here.