The Accidentals Urge Their 'Generation to Show Up' During Midterms With 'Heavy Flag' Video: Premiere

The Accidentals
Shervin Lainez

The Accidentals 

As early twentysomethings, The Accidentals are lending their voices and music to pushing fans into the voting booth on Tuesday (Nov. 6).

Late last week the genre-blending Michigan group released a standalone track, "Heavy Flag," while an accompanying video premiering exclusively below uses news footage to illustrate the song's concerns about sexual and racial equality and the environment. "I wanted to make it about critical thinking about the future," the group's Savannah Buist tells Billboard, "using our voices to make change. That's why it's coming out just in time for midterms. I can't think of a better time."

Bandmate Katie Larson, 22, adds that, "We want our generation to show up. I think our generation needs to show up, especially now. There's a lot of messaging out there, using scare tactics, that discourage (participation). We need to encourage people that everyone's voice counts. We have a responsibility to show up and to take care of each other."

The 23-year-old Buist was inspired to write the song after seeing the iconic photograph of U.S. World War II servicemen planting a flag in Iwo Jima. "The flag looked so heavy, just this physical and psychological weight," she explains. "I think that weight translates to the weight of responsibility we have right now to care for each other and care for our resources."

The Accidentals are spending the days leading up to the midterm election on the road in their home state, making multiple stops each day to stump for people to vote in conjunction with the #Tuesday movement and a Michigan clean water initiative. "I feel like it's easy to be complacent," Buist says. "We're trying to reach out more towards our community." Though signed to Sony Masterworks, which released the group's Odyssey during August of 2017, the Accidentals put out "Heavy Flag" independently in order to expedite its timing. The Accidentals recorded it during April in Los Angeles with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Lana Del Ray), along with three other songs intended for the group's next album, which it plans to finish during early 2019.