The 1975 Bashes Current Social Climate in Colorfully Depressing 'Love It If We Made It' Video: Watch

The 1975 Love It If We Made It
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The 1975, "Love It If We Made It"

The 1975 released the video for the politically charged banger “Love It If We Made It” from the band's upcoming A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships album on Monday. The clip -- containing ill-fated social issues commentary and images -- is juxtaposed by a happy sound and hopeful chorus.

The video opens with colorful images of the band’s silhouettes. These shots become mixed with others that focus on key events in recent history that have contributed to the world's current state. First, a plastic bag floats through water, referencing the growing plastic crisis. Later, Matty Healy sings, "A beach of drowning 3-year-olds," as pictures of the young Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi's death breeze by. Even Lil Peep gets a nod when the band's frontman tells him to rest in peace.

"Modernity has failed us," Healy announces as a clip of Harvey Weinstein hovers, leading into the repeated titular phrase in the chorus: “I’d love it if we made it." These words serve as a glimmer of hope in a song that otherwise reflects on mankind's self-destruction.

The montage of disaster is soon interrupted by a group of diverse faces that cycle across the screen. It serves as a reminder that the people affected by the world's mess are simply human, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

The video takes a political spin toward the end as it cuts to brief flashes of President Trump. "I moved on her like a bitch," Healy sings, quoting a portion of the president's 2005 Access Hollywood tape. The video additionally references the president's support of Brett Kavanaugh, friendship with Kanye West and creation of literal and metaphorical war.

The chaos comes to a conclusion as more close-ups run by, the last one being Healy’s.

You can watch the video for “Love It If We Made It” below.