A Perfect Circle Releases Hypnotic 'Eat the Elephant' Video

Tim Cadiente
A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle debuted their first album in 14 years, Eat the Elephant, in April, and on Friday (Oct. 12), they debuted an ambitious new video for the album’s title track. This opening segment is a small piece of the album-length film the group created.

The complete 58-minute film was shot using a 360-degree camera system, allowing A Perfect Circle to create what it calls the “world’s first hologram album.” The full experience can only be viewed through a special prism designed for a smartphone that makes the footage 3D. It comes in the Eat the Elephant deluxe box set.

The video for the piano-driven song begins by spinning around a girl -- who is followed through the entire film -- on a bed, looking through a handheld projector. "Looming, omnipresent/ This task ahead, this task at hand," sings Maynard James Keenan, instantly giving the piece a haunting feel.

The screen then shows a man wearing a gas mask, fighting a strange air-breathing octopus-like creature. The video continues to swap between these two scenes.

The girl soon skips around the bed while the man’s fight becomes more jerky and intense as the creature grows. The animal eventually floats above the girl's bed and snatches her up, and a new child replaces her space. The man floats in the air like he’s drowning and soon red smoke floats up and around him.

The group explained that the strange video is a companion for the song rather than an actual music video. You can watch the segment from the film in 2D below.