Florence + the Machine Dazzles, Delights and Urges Fans to Vote at New York City Show

Lillie Eiger
Florence + the Machine onstage at Barclays Center on Oct. 9, 2018.

Florence + The Machine’s Florence Welch cast her spell on Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Oct. 9, performing a bevy of classics (“Cosmic Love,” “Shake It Out”) alongside newer High as Hope cuts (“Hunger,” “Big God”). A full band, billowing curtains and glittering confetti all added to the magical ambiance, but the truth is, Welch could stand on a bare stage in a dark room and command an arena with her voice alone.

The beginning of the show had Welch offering an invitation to share some of her infectious energy and famously untamed movement. “New York, will you dance with us?” Welch asked the crowd before looking around. “If you’re sitting -- though there aren’t many of you -- please join us!”

Welch danced so hard that she knocked over her mic stand at one point. Undaunted, the songstress continued dancing and twirling backwards, vaulting over the fallen equipment.

“I feel like you guys are having lots of fun. There’s very good energy in here,” Welch later complimented the audience, then explained why playing New York City is so special. “I was staying here when I mixed High as Hope,” she said. “I really love it here and I’m so honored to be back. So much of this record was about New York.”

Welch also took a moment to remind fans to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. “Speaking of complicated times...my heart hurts on a daily basis,” she began. “Please, please, do not give up hope. The things you do will make a difference and it does matter. A revolution of consciousness starts in individuals and that’s you.” Welch then yelled for the audience to “turn to a stranger, hug them, and tell them to register to vote!”

The English singer also mentioned playing NYC's Bowery Ballroom during the Lungs era in 2009. “I was a bit too drunk to remember it fully,” she admitted, but thanked fans for sticking with her all these years. The arena lit up with phone flashlights, and Welch introduced “Cosmic Love,” saying, “This one is for you. Thank you for keeping it safe.”

Finally, opener and High as Hope collaborator Kamasi Washington accompanied Florence on the massive "Big God" and iconic Ceremonials single "Shake It Out." And then Flo floated off the stage, leaving behind a sprinkle of confetti and an arena of brimming hearts.

Florence and the Machine Setlist​



Between Two Lungs

Only If for a Night

Queen of Peace

South London Forever


Dog Days Are Over

100 Years

Ship to Wreck

The End of Love

Cosmic Love


What Kind of Man


Big God (with Kamasi Washington)

Shake It Out (with Kamasi Washington)