Rising Rock Group The Britanys Unveil Introspective New Mixtape '1-833-IDK-HTBA': Premiere

Aysia Marotta
The Britanys

Yes, that is a phone number you can actually call.

Brooklyn-based rock group The Britanys had a career-altering experience with their biggest project to date, an 11-song mixtape that consists of six full tracks and five interludes eccentrically titled 1-833-IDK-HTBA. The foursome started working on the songs at the beginning of the year with their buddy Dylan Chenfeld, who helped take the guys on a complex journey that resulted in the tape.

"The process of recording has designed a new frame of thought for us as a band moving forward, on a discovery, on melody, on song, on harmony, on being between man and machine," The Britanys frontman Lucas Long explains. "While exploring, we discovered the joy in scenes, in colors, in moments, in heartbreak."

In writing every track collaboratively between members, which the guys consider their "golden rule," they also found themselves fighting -- but in a healthy sense. "We fought, at times together and at times against, for what we believe -- which include dogs, bacon egg and cheese, guitars, melody, Billie Holliday, Orbit gum, almond butter, coffee, tajin, memes, Steve Jobs, drama, humanity in cyberspace, Hendrix, Eno, Bushwick -- as well as strong disbelief in, [things like] @Zuck, television news, @realDonaldTrump, bigots, downers, seafood, loud chewing, Kanye West Kardashian, the fact that three of us can’t grow facial hair, but have to shave every three days regardless," Long adds, alluding to the group's collective quirkiness that's reflected in their latest release.

The 11-track mixtape is a collection of alt-rock earworms, with raw, wavy guitars and a vintage sound that give off a surf-rock vibe on a few tracks. The interludes include a mix of voicemail simulations and ambient sounds from the studio and everyday life (busy streets, camera flashes, etc) that add a nice balance to their introspective tunes.

Above everything The Britanys took away from the recording process for 1-833-IDK-HTBA, Long points out that they ultimately learned that human interaction is most important, and sometimes finding harmony in pain can be the most liberating. "Therefore, we open our doors in cyberspace, and welcome with open arms, anyone and anyone who dares to stop pretending," he says, "and join the army of light for a possible tomorrow."

1-833-IDK-HTBA will be officially released tomorrow (Oct. 5), but get an early listen on Billboard below.