New Jersey Rockers Mercy Union Premiere Tom Petty-Influenced Jam 'Silver Dollars': Exclusive

Mercy Union
Greg Pallante

Mercy Union

The day New Jersey stops producing stellar, Bruce Springsteen-influenced punk bands is going to be a sad one. Fortunately, there’s a solid chance it never comes, and it’s certainly not happening any time soon. 

Featuring members of the Gaslight Anthem, the Scandals, and more, Mercy Union popped up this year out of Jersey City, N.J., and their sound is every bit as gritty and anthemic as those associations suggest. Their debut LP The Quarry is due Oct. 19, and to sweeten the deal, it was produced by Pete Steinkopf, of fellow Jersey punk greats the Bouncing Souls. After sharing their debut single “Chips and Vics” last month, they’re back with a killer follow-up.

Mercy Union's “Silver Dollars,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 27), builds on Mercy Union’s Tom Petty and Thin Lizzy influences, with singer-guitarist Jared Hart (who also fronts the Scandals) injecting its open-road energy and pick-me-up chorus with some underlying darkness. 

"The first line that popped into my head was, 'You've got them little silver dollar eyes' -- all of a sudden this story started spilling out of that line,” Hart tells Billboard. “The lyrics, at first glance, can maneuver you through a love song, but when you dig a little further, there are some dark moments in there that paint the whole picture. I had been spending a lot of time with Sarah Linden [fictional character from TV series The Killing] and she was always taking her work home with her. So it was only a matter of time before it seeped into mine."

Rounding out Mercy Union’s lineup is guitarist Rocky Catanese, bassist Nick Jorgensen, and drummer Benny Horowitz, who’s best known for playing in Gaslight Anthem. 

You can pre-order the LP and get info on the band's upcoming tour dates here

Listen to "Silver Dollars" below, and check out the album art for The Quarry after the jump.