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Pablo Dylan Goes Traversing Through the 'Eye Of the Storm' in New Video: Excl.

Darren Boling
Pablo Dylan

Folk singer-songwriter Pablo Dylan is scaling back the visuals to match his stripped-down sounds in the video for “Eye of the Storm,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 21).

In a one-take tracking shot, Dylan saunters about a rustic cabin and wild terrain that also happened to be featured in the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds. The video gives every impression of a spur-of-the-moment shoot that adds to the homegrown feel of the lightweight tune.

"My friends and I were on a road trip this summer up north through California just after I had released the single ['Eye of the Storm']. I had this elaborate music video planned to shoot when we back to L.A., but we stumbled upon this abandoned house on the side of the road and decided to explore it,” Dylan tells Billboard. “I was inspired by the house and the desolate woods surrounding it. It gave me this nostalgic and bucolic feeling set a distant era in America's history.”

The old-school approach fits well with Dylan’s transformation over the last few years. Though first making waves as Bob Dylan’s grandson experimenting with hip-hop and beat production, “Eye of the Storm” reflects a back-to-basics approach taken by Dylan as he continues to develop his personal identity and come into his own as a songwriter.

With an unflinching and unfettered profile shot and bare-bones lyricism, Dylan’s vision is coming into full view.

Check out the video for “Eye of the Storm” below.