Weezer Announces New Song 'California Snow'

Courtesy of Atlantic Records


Weezer will debut a new song titled "California Snow" on Thursday (Sept. 20) ahead of the release of Spell, the first film from Crush Pictures. “@RiversCuomo lends his voice as the therapist & he’s ready to help you solve all your thorny problems,” the band wrote on Twitter Tuesday (Sept. 18), adding, “Clearly the only prescription to make anyone better is a new song.”

Weezer previously took to social media to tease a poster advertising a family therapy service, featuring frontman Rivers Cuomo's head. Meanwhile, a zany billboard popped up in Los Angeles, along with an equally ridiculous website. It all had fans scratching their heads -- could Weezer be gearing up to release the long-awaited Black Album? Was Rivers about to star in a film of his own? -- but now, we can consider the mystery solved.

"California Snow" will appear during the end credits of Spell, which is set for release on Sept. 23.